There is no news about the Olympics containing COVID-19, people still don’t have their stimulus money, Texas is back to slave catching, England losing their minds over the Three Lions (lions are from Africa!), racist people are fighting over facts, Black people leaving TikTok, I missed Blerdcon, Biz Markie passed, and Black Widow out here saving the world! Whew, Moneybag Joe better stop playing with us!

Let’s get it!

#Blerds #Cosplay #Movies #Blackness #Conventions #BlerdCon #Imagination #LoveUS #BlackPeopleAreAmazing #Jedis #Siths #Anime #LightSabers #IAmSailorSaturn

I am Blerd.

I am a happy Blerd, whom is dating another Blerd (shouts to Tony Stark!).

The thing that I love about re-discovering BlerdCon is the fact that it exists! I remember being made fun of for being smart, well-read and having a white girl name! So the fact there is space like this that exists for us, made by us, enjoyed by us!

It was theblerdgirl that reminded me that this space exists, that this space is needed and to remember that Blackness is not a monolith! The convention is held in Virginia every year in July! How amazing is this?! I am already planning to go next year.

Oh, yes! Oh, yes! Click here to be completely delighted!

You’re welcome.

#TikTok #Fanbase #WeOut #HereTheyCome #WhewJesus #OurSpace #SpaceInvaders #HereWeGo #WeAboutToSee

As of this posting, I have about 31k followers on TikTok. I’m proud of that, actually. I have met incredible people, stayed out of a fair amount of shenanigans, and have adopted family there! I thank my best friend, Tash Romanov (yes, that is an alias) for introducing me to this app–believing I had something to say.

Yet, in the 9 months that I have been on this app, I have had content suppressed, videos suppressed, been reported and flagged…because I am not a mammy. Neither will I be. Ever–don’t worry. But I am aware that there is a war on that app–and it is blantant, racially motivated and on-going. I am aware that if I were a different type of creator (one that was a mammie, naked a lot, didn’t want to dismantle white supremacy), I would be well over 100k. I’m not impressed by numbers though! I am aware that this app, as problematic as it is at present, is a tool.

Yet, I know my worth.

And the irony is, as Black folk are leaving this app, and going to Fanbase–so are all the people who steal from Black creators. Mmph.

#Science #COVID #Variants #DeltaVariant #ScienceStillMatters #BeCareful #Vaccines #Scary #Vaccinations

My children are 12 and almost 14.

There are 12 children in an ICU in Mississippi, 10 of whom are on ventilators. I am not in disbelief, but I am truly in awe. I cannot believe that this is the reality in which I am living! These children, but for the grace of God, could have been mine. I say all that to say this–please take care of yourselves. If you don’t want to be vaccinated, fine. It’s your choice–you’re right. But remember the consequences! Toni Morrison said that children are scorched Earth.

As one that worked in direct care for almost a decade, was on the front lines of this pandemic, I am in this space of empathy and “I told you so.” The Right didn’t care when children were murdered at Sandy Hook, so why would they care about children dying now?

Happy birthday to the Patron saint of this space, Ida Bell Wells Barnett was born 159 years ago today. See y’all next week!

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