There Is Not White ‘Fragility’–This Is Aggression.

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White women know exactly what they are doing.

It is blatant. It is meticulous. It is conscious. It is controllable.

As a Black woman, living in a nation and a world that is decidedly anti-Black and woman, looking at what Abigail Elphick–she knew exactly what she was doing! Being the mother of two (whose children are 19 months apart), my children (even at their youngest!) never behaved in such a way in public.


What is so blatant is two-fold: how egregious Abigail’s behavior is, and the lengths that some White people will go to to excuse the behavior. This entire tantrum, this entire situation, is evident to what I have always said in this space. These women know what they are doing. In that, the Black woman that was attacked, harassed and belittled in this situation– Ijeoma Ukenta— she was never asked how she was. Black women never are. As of this posting, her GoFund Me campaign has raised over $100,000.

This is why Black women have the suspicion on White women that we do. It is earned. It is necessary. It is life-saving. It is information that we pass on to our children, and snicker about over coffee in the breakroom. The tears of White women are dangerous, and that needs to be said!

As aiofe714 said on TikTok, this is not fragility–this is aggression!



1.) hostile or violent behavior or attitudes toward another; readiness to attack or confront. The action or an act of attacking without provocation. “he called for an end to foreign aggression against his country”

2.) forceful and sometimes overly assertive pursuit of one’s aims and interests.

Anything you can weaponize is not fragile.

Anything that can cause the death of someone else is not fragile.

It is time for Black folk to change the dialogue by changing the vernacular. White women who do these things are not fragile–they dress up that aggression with feminity, and call it fragility.

We see you, Karen. We see you.

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