Strength In Numbers: Reproductive Justice In The Everyday

Being a Black woman is hard.

As amazing as this is experience of being the living divine is, it is hard. The concepts and theories that reproductive justice puts forward allows to move in the world as we need to, like we need to, with minimal issue! One of the things that I am passionate about is the health of Black women and the access that we have to that care! One of my favorite writers, Feminista Jones, said that Black women are the ideal activists! Why? We know what it is like to be Black, and we know what it is like to be a woman. This is the power of intersectional feminism, why misogynoir is dangerous, and why traditional (white) feminism doesn’t work!

Reproductive justice is what this trash All Lives Matter movement, the PRO-LIFE movement should be. But they aren’t! Why? White feminism. There has to be reckoning between the lacking of resources of women overall, and the larger gap of what other minority women need adjacent, addition to, the needs of the everyday!

What this COVID-19 pandemic has shown is women, especially Black/Brown/Indigenous women where at a disadvantage before, are definitely at a disadvantage now! Here is why:

-access to healthcare

-access to environmental safety

-access to a living/livable wage


Participating in initiatives that reproductive justice provides or introduces, IS being pro-life! Being pro-life is not just about policing women’s bodies (and it never should be!) but it is about giving women what they need in terms of access and resources to care for themselves, their families and to move in the world as needed and necessary.

Why is this hard? I’ll wait.

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