Talk About It Tuesday-07/13/2021

So Nicki Minaj is slicking coming for…Megan Thee Stallion?

I have an issue when female rappers throw shots at each other. There is something about that (to me) that is uncomfortable. Hip-Hop is already so male-dominated, and can be so misogynistic, so when I see women come at each other?

I feel away. I truly do.

It is like being an aunt and watching you favorite nieces fight! You know that they will, because conflict is a part of life, but some stuff, some fights? You look from the window and say, “Stop that mess and get in here!”

On an episode of Expeditiously with TI (yes, I listen to him), Taraji P. Henson said that something poignant (SN: read her autobiography, AROUND THE WAY GIRL–IT. WILL. BLESS. YOU.) as it relates to Black women. She said that too often Black women are fighting for scraps society gives–and we are fighting for resources. When she said that, I had a whole new respect for her, and that respect spills over into how I as a Black woman relate/interact with other Black women.

I understand the industry is based on who can talk to the most isht, I get that. I get that the industry sometimes have to give the illusion of drama–but at what cost? Nall. Not me.


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