So, Sha’Carri is not on the Olympic team, Tokyo now has a new Covid outbreak, black women have been stymied in every sport in the Olympics, and the ancestors seem to be making a fool out of everybody in Tokyo! Nicole Hannah-Jones walked aware from tenure at UNC-Chapel Hill, The Square rolled up on him on a racist in New Jersey, and the Delta variant is still killing people! And the right is still paddling this great big ole lie. This is got to be Neptune! Let’s get it!

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So, two weeks before the Olympics are due to begin, there is another COVID outbreak? Does anybody but me not see this as a coincidence? Black women have been discriminated in this Olympics, and it has been national news! I’m still mad Sha’Carri Richardson will not be able to participate in these games because she decided in a moment of grief to self medicate. Even though she admitted her wrongdoing, she was still harshly punished. At this point? If they cancel games, I don’t even care. The International Olympic committee was already talking about how they were going to penalize Simone Biles is she did some moves nobody else could do!

I’m still trying to figure out what part of the game is that.

So basically, black women have to be less than or perfect in order to be an athlete? We won’t even get into what happened to Brianna McNeal and the asinine reason she will not be able to defend her Gold in her 100m hundred meter hurdles–and the heartbreak from it (hint: it has to do with a baby)? At this point someone needs to understand the treatment of Black women is not a game is either! At this point go ahead and cancel it because the ancestors are not playing with y’all.

At all.

#ThePullUp #NewJersey #KeepPlayin #ThePutOutPart2 #ThinkAboutIt #KeepPlaying #ThisAintIt #WhoPlaying

Don’t you love it when a racist white man he’s exactly what he has coming to him? I know I do! The fact that this grown Treasure Troll was bold enough to put his real address on Beyoncé’s Internet and dared people to pull up? And then when they did, the police had escort him out the house! Then, only to be pelted with bottles water and whatever else folk got could get their hands on! Turns out the human waste of breath have been terrorizing the community for a while! But because he said was familiar with the police (not to be confused with familiar to the police) he got away with most of this crazy behavior! On top of that, he’s a whole drug dealer?

Yet, now he’s crying in his mug shot. That’s all right. Karma has a long memory…and a longer reach.

#NikoleHannahJones #NHC #HBCUs #EducationIsElevation #QuitPlayingInMyFace #UNC #UNCChapelHill #Value #Tenure #1619Project

The more I learn about Nikole Hannah-Jones, the more I respect her.

The more I respect her professional journalism.

The more I respect this writing gift that I have!

The more that I am happy to share this writing guild space with one such as herself. From her interview with Gayle King on This Morning on CBS we learned that she was actually willing to go through a longer tenure process to actually get this opportunity.

But when it came with all the strings and attachments (a.k.a. racism) she didn’t want it. I mean why should she? Why should Black women have to be in a position by which they have to take less than to be to be confirmed by the white gatekeepers to be considered ‘good enough’? What kind of The Crown/Game of Thrones is this? The fact that she’s going to Howard University? This makes me re-evaluate where I even want to do my own MFA at.

I applaud her decision not to take this token tenure! Let this be a lesson to those coming behind her: do not stay where you are not celebrated. Do not stay where you are just tolerated. Make no mistake, UNC-Chapel Hill was not going to offer her tenure unless it was widespread protest! But in the wide spread protest, it just proves exactly why her 1619 Project was so needed! Why should Black women be put in position by which they have to take less than to be to be confirmed by the white gaze is being good enough? No progress is made in this nation by people who are seen as a minority, who are seen as less than, without fight! Some of that fight comes from knowing exactly who we are. And valuing that.

Whew! What a week! Remember being Black is lit, and that not everybody can be it.

See y’all next week!

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