Why Reproductive Justice Is Needed?

There are so many nuances in this activism community. There are so many new terms, spaces, and even new positions, that is imperative that we keep up with them. It is! I will add more to it before I ever take it back. One of those things is what I wrote about Monday: reproductive justice.

From my vantage point, this idea is based in the fact that to be a woman–being a woman–is hard. It is complicated. It requires access that men cannot (and do not) understand. This is needed because it is necessary! This idea feels like the next step in intersectional feminism. This is also a topic spoken about in Hood Feminism by Mikki Kendall.

Being a woman is a unique minority status in this nation. However, to be a minority woman (especially Native/Indigenous, Latinx/Latinidad, and for this space Black) amplifies that status. For example, for Black women, birth is treacherous! There are too many Black women that die having Black children.

I was almost one of them. So was Serena Williams.

In Hood Feminism, Kendall speaks about how White Feminism ‘doesn’t go far enough. ‘ It doesn’t because White Feminism does not give the macrolevel prospective that Intersectional Feminism does! Reproductive justice takes it queue from Intersectional Feminism, reminding us that life is more complex than the inconvenience of white women!

There is a power in reproductive justice, and for that cause, we have to tap into it.

Again, Black women are trying to warn and save the world? Y’all listening yet?


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