Talk About It Tuesday-07/06/2021

Sha’Carri Richardson is not the respectable Black girl that White America wants to root for. All of Black culture is rooting for her to be the second coming of FloJo (and she kinda is!), and for the pain of grief that is in jeopardy.

As you all know now, she has gotten a 1-month suspension for testing positive for weed in the aftermath of learning of her biological mother’s death. For the week Black culture has been talking about her, there seem to be two camps.

Camp One: Team Sha’Carri. This camp supports her, Black women and wants her to do well! This camp understands she made a mistake, knows she’s 21, and knows that 21-year-old people do stupid things. Camp One wants her to be able to run and do well no matter what she does…and believes she will!

Camp Two: Team SheShouldHaveKnownBetterAndThatIsWhatSheGet. This camp sees Sha’Carri as problematic, ratchet and manly. This camp likes that Sha’Carri failed, and offers her no sympathy to what has happened to her. The camp solidly believes in the ‘respectability’ of Black women and how she should have known better. They offer no grace. No empathy and believe is she’s in the public eye then she should know ‘there would be a target on her back.’ This camp is misogynistic, on the verge of being anti-Black.

We at The Ideal Firestarter are solidly Camp One.


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