What Is Reproductive Justice?

Doing birth work from a reproductive justice perspective — All Bodies Birth  Doula Services

I think when the term reproductive justice is said or mentioned, it sounds nebulous. But allow me to put some feet on the ground with it.

Reproductive Justice is the complete physical, mental, spiritual, political, social, and economic well-being of women and girls, based on the full achievement and protection of women’s human rights.

Let that marinate in your spirit a little bit. Really let it sit with you! This idea is a freedom for women and girls that goes beyond feminist theory. This definition, this plan of action, involves all the things which make and give women the autonomy they need to move and be in the world as they see it. Why is this hard? Why is this so long in coming?

Audre Lorde said the master’s tools will ever dismantle the master’s house. The wisdom of this thought is never so far from my own thoughts. It is never so far from me when I consider what it is I want to do with my own life. I consider this also when those episodes of imposter syndrome come and I believe that if I was a man that what I want to do would be easier.

In theory? It probably would.

But in actuality? I am not a man. With that evident, there are things in society that have to be changed to I can move through this life easier. I know it would make my daughters’ lives easier! But until that day comes, these conversations have to continue. Space has to be held for them, and their must be participants for it. As a Torch, as a Firestarter, my job is to do all I can to foster love, light and a fire hot enough to forge the new tools needed to dismantle the master’s house–to bring it to rubble and kindling.

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