Note: This week was hard, yall. I started not to post. But, I’m a TORCH. This is your trigger warning.

People still haven’t gotten all their stimulus money, churches are burning in Canada, Sha’Carri Richardson got popped for weed, there are the bodies of indigenous children being found, the government is closing in on The Orange Thanos Crime Syndicate and the actual OCEAN is on fire! What about NEMO!

Let’s get it!

#ShaCarriRichardson #Tokyo #2021 #TrackAndField #SupportBlackWomen #PED #IssaPlant #TeamShaCarri

Sha’Carri Richardson should not be penalized for smoking weed. Her mother died, and after learning that? She has to smoke to calm down enough to perform. Ugh!

Black women are always asked (read: demanded) to perform. This is part of performance! Should she have smoked? Nall. But it shouldn’t rob her of ALL opportunities! She has a weak moment, was in pain, and dealt as best she could. She took her suspension, admitted what she did was wrong, and now she knows better.

She’s 21! What were you doing at 21?! At 21; I wasn’t being an Olympic athlete! Give her love, grace and let her wear her blonde blends and acrylics! It’s like having FloJo all over again. They hated her too—and couldn’t beat her. Next!

#StolenChildren #StolenLand #Justice #Racism #ResidentialSchools #History #ThisIsEvil #MoreToCome

This is heartbreaking. This is evil. This is history. The fact that all this is coming out now? The fact it is this expansive?! The fact that the last residential school closed less than 60 years ago?! This feels—the level of anger I have concerning this? Unprecedented.

The fact that churches Canada after the remains that were found in Saskatchewan? I can’t even be mad about it.

#OrangeThanos #SDNY #ItsOnNow #Taxes #RICOActs #GetAllOfThem

The complete joy I have over what is happening to the Trump Organization is equivalent to a kid getting the Barbie Dream House on Christmas! people are getting caught lying, people are on coat benches in front of national media, Ivanka has been found out to be a whole lie, it’s beautiful! As much shit as those monsters put the country through, they deserve everything they are about to get!

We at The Ideal Firestarter, we are TEAM SHA’CARRI. No stutter. No stop. See y’all next week!

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