Intro To July & ‘Be Glad You Got A Mama’

A personal shero: Brittany Ferrell, RN.

I won’t bore you with the details, but know this here: Brittany Ferrell is the TRUTH in three places: past, present and evermore!

What you need to know about Brittany is the same thing you need to know me: She means what she says, and says what she means. Know that I respect her, I honor her, and it is because of her and this project called YOU LUCKY YOU GOT A MAMA that deals with reproductive justice. So this month, I am going to love on this activist and catalyst through the lens of reproductive justice! Which will lead us into August and its perpetual theme of activism.

The phrase ‘you lucky you got a Mama’ is a oft-used colloquialism, reminding you of two things: (1) your mother is a gift and (2) not everyone has a mother–so take care of her. With her passion being Black people, Black women and the care of Black people (during the first part of this pandemic she was on Twitter reminding her followers to take Vitamin D!), this documentary about the crisis of the mortality of Black women–especially during childbirth!

As one whom almost died in childbirth, as one whom is the mother of Black daughters, and the daughter of a Black woman, this idea of reproductive justice is what I am focusing on for the month of July, and I will be highlighting this documentary and this work of reproductive justice as well.

If you want to know more about this project (and I bet you should want to know more!) click here.

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