Men’s Month: Final Thoughts

As this month ends, my heart is in two places.

By no means have the men that I have focused on this month in an exhaustive list. For that, charge it to my head and not my heart. This month, in the shadow of the Derek Chauvin Trial, seems bittersweet. It feels like I should have done more, said more, read more, to make more space.

Then I remember that I am only one person–the fact that this space exists at all is a minor miracle!

But, yet–I am reminded of one thing. Men–Black men–are amazing, diverse, wonderous and all together amazing. They are needed, necessary and all together amazing. For every Black man that hates Black women (whatever reason may be real to him), there are Black men that adore Black women! There are men that hold space for us, as well as doors! That change tires, and adopt kids, and mobilize communities.

This month reminded me that men still matter.


As one that has more male friends than female friends, as one whom is an adopted niece, uncle, daughter, goddaughter, and now a girlfriend–I make it a mission to speak life into the men around me. I must! So, I leave you all this month with this quote:

“Teach the Princes how to be Kings.”

You are seen, loved and heard.



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