Talk About It Tuesday-06/29/2021

Solidarity in this country is a White person’s word–coded language that says, “We gave you so much, stop trying to embarrass us! It makes us feel bad.”

Olympic hopeful Gwen Berry turned away from the American flag in protest, and White folk freaked out.

Again. Yawn.

What needs to be said, is that the powers that be that decide the rules for the US Olympic team, already said they did not want–nor did they approve–any talk or apparel speaking of BLM was not going to be tolerated. The fact that Gwen turned from the flag?

I mean, what did you all expect? The nation will never forget that in its history it sanctioned the OWNING of other human beings. And the thing that is whispered about is–it misses the time when we were just crying, smiling chattel. No more important that horses or plows!

You can love this nation and still desire for it to (finally) live up to the dreams it tells other people it can have–but we as a people had a die never seeing.



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