Come Get All The Smoke: YoungMercFire

Follow him on the Clock App. You’re welcome (@youngmercfire).

If you were to combine Malcolm X, Nas, Cornell West and Ghost from POWER into one person, it would be YoungMercFire. Deadass. Full. Stop.

One of the reasons why I am a fan of his (aside from his lyrical ability!) is his candor, his presence and his knowledge. I found him on the Clock App through another content creator. His content is political, it is relevant, and it is powerful! He LIVES in the No Flex Zone, and I am here for all the smoke.

And the craziest thing? Fam isn’t even 30 yet. He reminds me of Tef Poe, a local rapper/activist in St. Louis, MO. Which isn’t bad company at all–I promise.

Keep flaming them all, YoungMercFire. KEEP GOING!

Note: Before the COVID-19 pandemic, YoungMercFire was pursuing music and you can find links to his music in his TikTok bio. Please support Black artists! June is Black Music Month too!

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