For The Brothers The Wish I Had: iSpeak1906 and theconsciouslee

Follow these two: @ispeak1906 and @theconsciouslee

Anthony Hyland George Lee are people that make my world that much more Black. From social commentary, fatherhood antics and holding space for Black people and real Black-ass conversations, I am here for them!

Anthony is a married man in the US Navy, and vocal about his struggles with mental health and depression. He calls out racism, oppression, all while trying to make the world a better place. Gotta love that! He is force for good in the world and I stan all of this!

George Lee is fond of saying, “Education is elevation” and “Research over Me-serach!” From watching him debate Pick-Me Negros, his news takes, and saving his energy for all things family related things? I admire him for that. He reminds me that being a well-read, conscious Black person in this nation means that you have to be able to argue, read and stand on your head while chewing gum! Meaning you have to be able to see the shenanigans for what it is, well as respond to what it is NEEDED? Priceless.

What I love (and respect) about these two is that they love US, man! They understand their privilege, they respect women, and understand the importance of presence, not just voice. They remind me to keep listening to Black men–as they listen to us.

Love y’all!

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