The Favorites Continue: MyNameSuperLong

Follow this King, @mynamesuperlong.

It’ll bless you.

You’re welcome.

Let me tell you something.

This one here? This one right here? Yes, everything. So much of the everything is wrapped up in this account–and to be honest? I started following him because he was, is, fine! With that said, he is more than just a handsome face. He is knowledgeable about African American history, is a mental health professional and space maker for Black women.

He is a favorite because he knowledgeable about a great many things! When my Black girl is low, I find comfort in his content. I am reminded of who I am, and I do get such joy out of watching him eviscerate racists and de-must Hoteps. I get immense joy from this.

But, it is the king-level energy for me. It is the KING energy for me! From being so well-read and confident in all his Blackness, he inspires me to keep learning.

Kings honor, rule and protect. Continue sir, continue.

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