Happy Father's Day Messages | A Day to Honor Dad

To all the men that follow this space, know that you are loved, seen and appreciated.

As of this year, it has been 23 years since I have heard my father’s voice. And I miss him. I miss him–alot. In this 23rd year of not having my father, it doesn’t hurt as bad–but it is becoming harder to remember him. Harder to hang on to him, but yet when my life is getting ready to change, I dream of him. Which is fitting, really. My father was always ready for change, and pushing for change. And now, days from 40–10 years younger than he was when he left the world–I am quiet. I am reflecting. And I am remembering everything he told me so I can be the change that I desire to see in the world.

With all that said, know that your work as a father is immeasurable. You as a Black man whom is a father, your worth is immeasurable. I celebrate you today. I pray for your today. I am thankful for your today!

I am grateful to the fathers that are present everyday.

I am grateful to the fathers whom are incarcerated and still are in their children’s lives.

I am grateful for the fathers who are in bogus custody arrangements and do more than enough for their children.

I am grateful for the fathers who walked away from their children for fear and came back–rebuilding their relationship day by day.

Being a father is a call, not a job. You are building legacy, installing strength in your children. Don’t take that lightly! Do it bravely, boldly and do it everyday!

I believe in you.

I am proud of you.


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