The Favorites: 36Chambers Ain’t Only For The Wu-Tang!

Follow my favorite, because he is amazing–and makes me smile on a daily: @36wutang72.

So, let me tell you about this guy. And I can’t do it without grinning. Or smiling. Or blushing. Through this problematic, loud, abrasive app–I found him. Rather, he found me.

Now, y’all know me. I pull no punches, and I also don’t live all of my life in the public eye like that. I am getting divorced for the second time, and was not looking for a relationship. I wasn’t thinking being with anyone! And I mean, ANYONE! The alphabet was my love and the 171,000+ words of this language were my boyfriends!

Want to know how this happened? A stitched video.

He followed me, and I stitched a video, and called him a ‘young man’. His response: “I am 48 years old, Queen.” And that was it. And we have talked everyday, more than twice a day, since! SINCE! The first thing I thought, I won’t lie y’all–he’s fine. And his voice is like whiskey, and he’s nerdy, take no sh!t and…sweet. He got me because he saw me…and he listened.

He makes me laugh.

He makes me think.

He challenges me, and for all that I am? For all that I bring, he’s not afraid of me.

Eviscerator of the devotees of Orange Thanos, defender of the unseen and one who was in the system (as law enforcement! ME?! Dating someone whom was in law enforcement! God is hilarious!), and can say ACAB. Black Lives Matter and Blue Lives are Smurfs. As well as debate comic theories with me, while making me feel like I’m the only one in the whole wide world!

Those Black men from the South? All magic.

Thank you bae, for sharing it with me.

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