From getting the federal holiday that no one asked for (but everyone needed), Mammy Candy Owens showing exactly what it costs to be a ‘good one’, people still tripping about CRT, White women giving acting lessons in terrorism, and The Heights hit a low. Whew!

Let’s get it.

#JUNETEENTH #History #NoOneAskedForThis #StayWoke #BlackLivesMatter #UncleDLToldUs #StopListeningToCandace #TheGameIsAfoot

As of June 2021, JUNETEENTH is a federal holiday. Remember when Orange Thanos was trying to make it a holiday? No? I do. But, google who Ms. Opal Lee is. For reference (so we all know what we are celebrating):

“Juneteenth is a federal holiday in the United States commemorating emancipation of enslaved African Americans. It is also often observed for celebrating African American culture. Originating in Galveston, Texas, it has been celebrated annually on June 19 in various parts of the United States since 1866.”

Now, two things. One: This is awesome. Two: No one asked for this.

What is needed is a police reform legislation, anti-lynching legislation, and prosecution of domestic terrorists the from January 6 insurrection, and a revamping of the educational system in this nation! But by all means! Let’s have another day off. Black folk were taking in anyway. So…yeah. There’s that.

#TheHeights #Movies #NoMaam #WhoDidThis #AntiBlacknessIsReal #Colorism #TheAfricanDiaspora #RitaMorenoSaidWhat

Anti-Blackness is real.

And really profitable.

The fact that EGOT winner and legend Rita Moreno went on Steven Colbert’s show and said that Afro-Latinos had to WAIT to be featured in a movie? Wait? Wait for what?! It is almost as if West Side Story didn’t have a White woman as Maria rather than a Puerto Rican actress?

It is the complete audacity for me.

The Heights, even with the talented Anthony Ramos featured as lead, could have casted a more diverse cast! What would have been wrong with having more people whom actually REPRESENT that area of New York? What would have been so wrong about that? As much as I enjoyed Hamilton, Lin-Manuel Miranda missed with this. And the horrible part is, he didn’t have to.

#TurnItOffTrend #WhiteWomenTears #WeaponizingWhiteness #WhoThoughtThisWasOkay #StopItStephanie #BackupBecky

There as nothing so dangerous as a White woman with no options!

This trend of White women crying on TikTok and just ‘turning it off’ is the most abhorrent trend I have seen. It is evil, insensitive, and it is evident of what Black people have always said about crying White women:

“They know what they are doing.” Indeed they have always know what they were doing. History is on our side with this. Be careful dear ones, my dear Torches, Millicent had Becky who had Kylie. They are all dangerous.

See y’all next week! Don’t be a racist.

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