The Favorites: My TikTok Nephew

Shameless shout out: follow my TT nephew @jwilliamj. You’re welcome.

In his TikTok bio, my nephew calls himself CEO of Ether. In the 8 months I have followed him on this app, he is indeed the CEO of Either (CEO of ALL THEE SMOKE is Young Merc Fire–but I am getting ahead of myself.). What I adore and respect about @jwilliamj is his dedication to dispensing truth and knowledge without a flinch or a flex!

He is brilliant, he is intelligent, and he plays no games! None at all! He is well-read, well-spoken, and provokes me to KEEP me reading, telling the truth, and being the BEST TikTok auntie on his behalf. His content goes from politics, to history, to all things BLERD-related, and pop culture! I love him as if he were the son of a sibling!

During the 2020 election, he was a heat-seeking missile to racist conservatives, blindly devoted coons, and the people who still believe that the Irish were treated worse than Black people whom were born, bought and died as property! PROPERTY!

Keep going, nephew! I gotchu.


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