The TikTok Favorites: Thomas The Villian and The Duet Ninja.

Follow my brother, Thomas–@thomas_thevillain_bishop and uncle @theduetninja.

There is a peace that I when I see Thomas on my timeline. I am glad to call him a brother. He is a veteran, a father, and a force for good in the world. He pulls no punches, adds no sugar, and is not afraid to call racists, bigots and all matter of phobic monsters exactly what they are! I am honored to be Mystique in his Villain’s Guild, and am happy to call him a brother. Why is he a brother? The truth he spits I could only find from or hear from a brother. And who better to get in a fight than your brother.

I love you, Thomas.

Ah, and one of my favorite Uncles–TheDuetNinja. I love his content and how knowledgable he is about a great many things. The content (complete with background music) makes my day! He makes me think, makes me research, and I always feel like there is more he has to say–and there is. He is a whole gem, and I adore being a TikTok niece. If you love history, follow him.

Love you, UNC!

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