Darnella Frazier has won a special Pulitzer Prize, Simone Biles is out here being dynamic just because she can in the face of white supremacy and all things white, racist and fragile, Attorney General Merrick Garlandjust brought the hammer down on the evil right GOP to stop voting rights restrictions, and Chris Haynes (ALL IN on MSNBC) just called the whole nation racist because it refuses acknowledge all its history!

Let’s get it!

#DarnellaFrazier #BlackLivesMatter #ACAB #Photojournalism #BlackWomen #History #GeorgeFloyd #PulitzerPrize

Darnella Frazier was 17 years old when she took out her iPhone to witness a murder that the entire world saw on her iPhone. For that righteous at, for her being present at the right place, at the right time, history will forever remember her. How often can you say you were the catalyst to an entire movement? I want her to have the same celebration that we give Amanda Gordon, the poet whose poem was read for the inauguration of President Joseph Biden.I wish Darnella nothing but good things. And peace of mind and heart. And someone needs to pay for a whole college education!

#CRT #History #Racism #Race #Fight #Activism #CriticalRaceTheory

I make no bones about the patron saint of the space being Ida B. Wells Barnett. It is through her example, I knew exactly how to be light, heat, and smoke. And for that cause, do I bring her into every space that I’m in.

The mistake we have as a relates to racism is believing with all that is within us that are not talk about racism will end racism. That is simply not true! What people really mean to say is talking about racism, makes them uncomfortable!The same discomfort comes from realizing they still benefit from racism because it influences all systems and arenas of life I wish they have to know navigate and negotiate!

They don’t want to give up privilege to do what is right.The immediate ramifications, the immediate punishment, for not being the complexion for the protection is not given to them – – ergo it does not exist! It cannot exist! So, since it does not exist? It is not relevant.

In that, lies the problem.

#SimoneBiles #GOAT #Gymnastics #BlackGirlMagic #Olympics #SimoneOnEm

Months ago I talked about adding “Simone on them” to the lexicon of the AAVE.

That request still stands!

With all the controversy that she has endured as a relates to her talent, of her persistent indulging of her own athletic gifting, she still is a beacon! I love watching Simone biles perform. It feels with a sense of pride that I can’t quite explain. There’s something about watching her fly through the air knowing that she pisses off every single racist white person whether they be a judge or a coach that told her that if she were to dare do with some other person could not do that was unfair and they would attempt to disqualify her for it! It did my heart good this week to take to hear Simone say that the reason why she did the routine that she did it because she wanted to! Simone is a whole mood. Just like Beyoncé is a mood? Oh yeah, Simone is a whole mood. I can’t wait to see your stunt on the entire planet – – again.

PS I’m never gonna forget that Nastia Liukin told the entire world that it was ‘too early’ to call her the GOAT. Now look! She always been the GOAT.

As I leave you all this week, let me give you this:

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