#BlackBlogsMatter Challenge-Week 15 (2021)

This has been quiet a ride. -JBHarris

Lena Horne, the iconic singer, actress, and activist, said that people have to be taught to be second class citizens. I completely agree! I was taught to honor my blackness, never shrink it, Never apologize for it. The thing that begins to shift the minority mindset is just this: stop looking for the approval of White people.

Just stop. Stop it. Just stop it right now.

This is not me advocating for prejudice, or prejudice practices to ‘turn the tables’. I am asking you as a minority person–as a Black person–to no longer be defined, determined, edified by the fickle approval of White people. Your life, your existence and your desires are greater than the white gaze.

This is hard to do, yes. But it is necessary! Remember Jordan Peele. Remember Chris from GET OUT. Your life and what you want is not determined and cannot be determined by an evil system in power. This grip has to be broken and it can only be broken by knowledge of self and being cognizant of what it means to love yourself. When these forces combine, it is more powerful than anything else.


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