Talk About It Tuesday-05/25/2021

Nikole Hannah-Jones is a professional shero.

Nikole Hannah-Jones is indeed a Torch. Her 1619 Project is revolutionary, necessary and life-changing. I cannot recommend her work enough. Yet, last week she was denied tenure at UNC.

A Black writer, working in Education, who created a curriculum for the accurate, retelling of Black History in this nation was denied tenure at a place dedicated to learning. The irony is catastrophic as this point!

Beyoncé said it herself, “You know you that bitch when you cause all this conversation.” The thing that I find so abhorrent with this denial for her is it is so blatant in its racism. The same racism that is researched and recorded in her project, that most conservatives denies exists, the same conservatives whom are fighting against the teaching of CRT (Critical Race Theory)–are proving just why her project is needed!

Why it is necessary to teach!

Why it is necessary to confront the insidiousness of racism at every damn turn!

Nikole Hannah-Jones deserves something more priceless than tenure—respect.

What do you all think, Torches?


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