Conservatives are now trying to wear masks and think they doing something, Paul Mooney died, Fear Street by RL Stine is about to be three movies on Netflix in July, President Barack Obama called Orange Thanos a ‘corrupt motherfucker’, Static Shock is about to be a movie, Michael B. Jordan is out here trying to trying to direct movies, and the oldest living survivors of the Tulsa Massacre testified before congressional body. What a damn week!

Let’s get it!

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Okay! I was a big RL Stine fan when I was in middle school. I loved everything that he wrote, and my sister was the one who turned me onto Goosebumps. So, I have been kind of a horror fan since I was about 10 or 11. So to find out through one of my writing girlfriends that RL Stine’s classic series Fear Street is coming to Netflix?! I’m already excited for it!

I’m excited for because I really want to see what they do: I want to see how they stay true to the material, and I want to see exactly how they stay true to RL Stine’s vision. Keeping in mind, RL Stine is now a 77-year-old man! I mean, moons ago the the writing public and community called RL Stine the Stephen King for kids… So maybe that’ll hold true. I can’t wait for July!

#44 #MyPresidentIsBlack #YouHeardJeezy #BarryIsDone #HereForIt #TellumAgain #OrangeThanosForPrison2021

Barry. Barry…Barry is not out here playing with y’all! In this new book out this week (Battle For The Soul, Edward-Issac Dovere) President Barack Obama called Orange Thanos a ‘corrupt motherfucker.’ I’m looking at where the lie is? Answer: there is none.

Orange Thanos is now running for his life, and trying to keep from going to jail for the rest of his life. It gives me a dark joy to know that this man might just die in federal prison! And not even Yurtle The Turtle, or all those minions that are in the Senate, can save him from this. No one is the above of the law. Not even a white male from New York.

#Tulsa #History #Life #Ancestor #BlackHistory #Oklahoma #BillyPorter #Power #Survival

This week the actor Billy Porter said this on his Instagram: “Theres is something in the survival that is bigger than me.“

Looking at the two faces of the last two survivors of the Tulsa Massacre (which happened 100 years ago this year, this month!) that has never been more apt. Ms. Viola and Mr. Hughes, who had to replay, relive one of the scariest moments not just in their lives but in US history? To hear and see Miss Viola who was a seven-year-old girl when this happened?! Having to relive that? It makes Regina King’s role in Watchmen that much more iconic! What racist White people, bribe-funded politicians, weeping fragile White women, and lost racist White trumplicans who use their token Black conservatives as social bulletproof vests, don’t understand is a history is not that far!

For some of us? History is in the other room.

And with that dear Torches, I’ll leave you to your ability to be light, heat and smoke. See y’all next week!

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