Talk About It Tuesday-05/18/2021

It is hard not to ignore the beginning of the Handmaiden’s Tale that is burgeoning. On a side note, I already know I am going to be the most problematic Handmaiden! My mouth is smart, I don’t listen, and I always have something to say. This doesn’t bode well. But let’s continue.

The social experiment known as the state of Texas is now beginning to rescind abortion rights. There are other states that are considering the same—yeah, you know it!

 All red states.

I am so tired of these GOP super villains! This is all a plot to not just overturn Roe v. Wade, but to roll back any rights, any equal protection under the law (including Title IX!) for women!

Torches, this is not a drill. What do y’all think:  Is this cause to panic or nah?


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