The CDC is telling people to take off their masks, Target said keep them on, the police are still trash, Walmart Karen is attacking AOC, and Florida gotta WHOLEASS COVID-19 variant outbreak! It’s only May!

Let’s get it!

#TikTok #ThreeMinutes #SocialMedia #Content #MakeSpace #Platforms #TelevisedRevolution

Now I’ve been on TikTok about six months.

If you’re not following me (@whatjayesaid) you need to! And now TikTok has allowed those of us who patronize app to literally make three minute videos now: whereas before you only had time to be profound in 60 seconds.

This is cool for variety of reasons. It’s awesome to be on TikTok in and kind of shout your opinion to the void and build a platform from that! I honestly cannot wait to see what black creators come up with in three minutes on this app. Because trust and believe! Black folk are not leaving TikTok.

Now without a fight…

#CRT #Racism #RacismIsStillTrash #Education #EducationIsElevation #DismantleWhiteSupremacy #EducateTheKids #TeachKidsNotToBeRacist

Critical Race Theory (CRT) flies in the face of white supremacy and white fragility. That’s why the entire nation is up in arms about it being taught. The goal of education is to improve the lives of those who wish to learn, and by learning they should be able to understand their narcissistic view of the world—their self-centered view of the world—and even the planet (!) should allow you to think critically more logically. This way they know that the world is bigger than what they think it is.

I, for one, am a proponent of CRT being taught. If you can teach this to educate a new generation of children (who will be taught not to be racist), you’re teaching literally how not to be racist in the best way possible. Why this is a bad thing? You tell me.

#AOC #TeamAOC #Politics #GetHerMeds #ProtectAOC #CallNancyP #FireTheKaren

Y’all already know I’m not gonna mention Walmart Karen by her three initials. She can’t even be racist right! She want to be known by three initials just like AOC?! The same woman who thinks Jewish space lasers caused the California wildfires wants to debate AOC about what now?


The bad thing is we see the game a foot from a mile away. Matt Gary’s out here sleeping with hookers, doing cocaine with them, having a ho on the roll for a government gig, taking all the underage girls all over the nation for nefarious activities—but the GOP won’t check this Walmart Karen about running up on people’s offices and screaming and mail slot?! Now when AOC beat her ass? Don’t say nothing.

The staff and The Ideal Firestarter toremind you to wash your hands, stay with from crazy people, and remind you being Black is lit—not everybody can be it.

See y’all next week!

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