Anthony Mackie a whole mood, I now have a crush on Bucky, Derek Chauvin is in jail to start his prison sentence, more people getting vaccinated, more people are questioning the vaccine, Uncle Joe did his first SOTU, the Oscars was lit, and people are stressed out that the Oscars pretty much made the show slick about Chadwick Boseman! They’ll get over it!

Let’s get it!

#Oscars #WeRemember #ChadWasRobbed #DanielKuulya #AllTheMelanin #YouSee?uestLove #SaveGlennCloseAPlate

I don’t care! I don’t care! I don’t care! The Oscars this year was amazing!

I actually cried when Daniel Kuulya won his Oscar for Best Supporting Actor (Judas & The Black Messiah). Now, I am in confusion as to why he and Lakeith Stanfield both got Best Supporting Actor nominations for Judas & The Black Messiah when Daniel Kuulya had the LEAD ROLE in that movie as the activist Fred Hampton.

I see you, Academy.

The fact of the matter is there was so much melanin in that room! From John Baptiste’s fist with his NOLA, “Later on” when the score for SOUL won, to the gorgeousness that is Viola Davis, to Audra Day cursing when Lil Rel gave her a mic to ?uestlove doing the music…this year‘s Oscars gave me everything! So people can continue to be pressed that the Oscars ‘made the whole show based around Chadwick Boseman! I’m glad they did!

The world lost an artist in Chadwick Boseman. We all are still mourning him in the artistic community! This award show is so non-melaninated every other year, so I’m glad this year was for one of us! They will all live.

#SamNNem #Marvel #AnthonyMackie #QueueJeezy #SamAndBucky #BuckyLikesBlackGirls #Icon #Representation #RepresentationMatters #ICriedALittle #CaptainAmericaIsBlack #ImmaWatchItAgain

So Falcon and the Winter Soldier is now Captain America and the Winter Soldier! This particular MARVEL short series has in wonders for my children, for recognizing the need for more representation, and my own joy as it relates to being an artist, writer, and space maker! I am so proud to be a MARVEL fan again, yet, and still! And I cried when it was revealed that the show actually gave Sam his just due–as well as honoring all the other Black soldiers who fought for this country who never got the just rewards of their service! There are many Isaiah‘s in this nation and some who we will never know their names…ever. Kudos to MARVEL for remembering all of us who are melaninated and serve. Go fuck them up, Sam!

P.S.-Download the app Black Sands Entertainment for more diverse comics!

#Vaccinations #Science #FallIsComing #BeSafe #DecisionMaking #IGetIt #ScienceStillMatters #GoForthAndDoGood #Immunity #PublicHealth

If you are not follow me on TikTok (@whatjayesaid) you were missing all kinds of things, Torches! I have been arguing with people on this particular app for the better part of months (on and off) as a relates to the concept of vaccinations, immunizations, and why is important to be vaccinated!

Now, I am not a doctor. I am not a nurse. I am a woman who likes science and paid attention during her microbiology, anatomy and physiology, chemistry, and biology classes. Who knows how to use Google! The fact of the matter is we are not out this pandemic! In order to get out of it, we have to have some type of herd immunity in the best way to garner that is through vaccinations for at least 70-90% of the population!

I would be an irresponsible space maker to not remind you all that science is real, cold and flu season is coming, and you have to understand that there is a precedent for the government mandating vaccinations (i.e. the last pandemic this nation was in. There’s a Supreme Court decision that came down in 1905 in regards to this. Click here for that information. I will say that to say this: science worse independent of your opinion. Well, I know that most Black folks had trepidation as to whether or not that they want to be vaccinated—I agree and understand. I ,too, was of that mindset!

Then, I talked to my own mother.

I then did my own research.

I implore you to do the same! We’re not out of this by a long shot, and we may now be out of it for a couple years! This may be our new normal – – COVID-19 is here. And it sucks that it’s here, but it’s here. President Biden came in behind the 8-ball because the outgoing administration would not take it seriously. So, for the utter apathy of the outgoing administration, we now have to find out of a deeper trench then we never had to be in! So I’m sending you all love and light. Make sure you wear your mask and wash your hands. If nothing else…

Remember the Dora Milaje have jurisdiction where the Dora Milaje find themselves to be… See you next week!

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