Special shout out to Social Media Coordinator, Rameisha Davis, for being amazing throughout this entire trial. Love you.

Lots of things happening this week! Prince Harry buried his father, there are two other Black children dead, Derek Chauvin is going to jail, Orange Thanos’s campaign account is in collections, but Falcon and the Winter Soldier is best show in the world right now!

Let’s get it!

#MoreHashTags #AdamToledo #MaKhiaBryant #IsaiahBrown #ACAB #IAmTired #ThisIs #Retaliation #WhatIsHappening #BlackLivesMatter #WeMatter #DefundThePolice

As the world was holding its breath for the outcome of the Derek Chauvin Trial, Daunte Wright was murdered. In the same city–THE SAME CITY! By who? The police. Then the same week–THE SAME WEEK!–Derek Chauvin is found guilty on all three counts, including murder, Ma’Khia Bryant is murdered in Columbus, OH. And just today, before this is published(!!) Isaiah Brown is murdered! In Virginia–10 shots and the police aren’t given over the body cam footage.

Adam was 13.

Ma’Khia was 16.

Isaiah 32.



#LifeMeansLife #GuiltyOnAll

Derek Chauvin was made an example of. Yet, there is something bothering me about this. It feels wrong. The day the verdict was read, I was in bed. I couldn’t move. I couldn’t cry. I wanted it all to be over—and I was desperately scared he wouldn’t be convicted! I mean, I remember Rodney King. I didn’t know what I would do if he got off…I honestly don’t.

This is a Puric victory. This is a tip of the greater iceberg. This is a reminder that police are not, should not be, above the law! Also, this is a reminder of the power of an AG that is engaged with the protect of it ENTIRE citizenry! This is not justice. It is a precedent.

Let’s keep that going.

#FalconAndTheWinterSoldier #SamNNem #MARVEL #AnthonyMackie #SebastianStan #ChadwickBoseman #BuckyIsAnAccomplice #FalconIsALegacy #IStanAllOfThis

With all the things happening this year, I haven’t had time truly watch a complete episode of Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Shouts to the TikTok family for keeping me in the loop! But what I love about this show (aside from the sexy that is Sebastian Stan! Haaaay Bucky!), is that is pushes the conversation about race in a forefront! And does it in a way that is honest, artistic, and recognizes just what it means to be Black in this country. And how they honored Isaiah? In effect all Black war veterans?


Don’t ever tell me that DC is better than MARVEL! We are not having that conversation anymore…ever. That conversation is over! OVAH!

Marvel saves the world again. I think I can make it now. See y’all next week!

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