#BlackBlogsMatter Challenge-Week 8 (2021)

At this point, I need White America to know two things:

You are not special.

You will be called out on this non-specialness like Jesus on the MainLine!

Every time. All the time. Anywhere. Deal with it.

The fact that your Orange Julius Savior has abandoned you in favor of democracy, and y’all have been dying a slow death! It has never occurred to you that your life is a LIE! Still! after 400 years this space has existed, 400 years from the first deaths of Black and indigenous people murdered for the greed and sucking of white supremacy on the teet of capitalism, you need to feel special! You need to feel expectational–because without this lie to rock to to sleep, you (might) have to face the fact that you, White America, are monstrous.

You are murderous.

Your words do not bring peace or comfort–but death and chaos!

You have to wrestle with the fact that your way was paved through the vehicles of erasure and oppression! This system you have been born into–and even your grandchildren have benefited from!–was created for you to win! And since you are winning, you think everyone else should be! You think that since you had a shot, everyone else has–and nothing special should be added to anyone else!

This is not so. And that fact you are getting called out on it? And told you are not special–with proof! You still get mad. That’s fine. When you get ready to join the rest of the world after you get done having your tantrum, you are more than welcome. Till then, we will be outside with the other grown people.


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