#BlackBlogsMatter Challenge-Week 8 (2021)

I was told this week by an ex-boyfriend when the subject of white privilege to came up in conversation that, “haha. No such anamal.” He misspelled animal. And before you ask, Yes–yes he was. And this is one of the litany of reasons why we are not together. Yet, I laughed at him. I truly laughed HARD at him. Why? It is the same underwhelming, bullshit fed argument you hear on FOX NEWS.

He would say that he grew up in a poor-working class (white) neighborhood, and there was nothing wrong with that (and it isn’t). He would say that he isn’t white–he’s Lebanese (aight, sir). And that he has had no ‘privilege.’ To that, I counter with my new favorite quote (that I made up):

“Accountability sounds like oppression to those that know neither.”


I say all that to say this: he’s wrong. He’s wrong as glass on a clean floor. White people who refuse to believe that their lives a better because they are white–are clueless! No one is asking White folk to apologize for being white. We are asking you to look around you to see WHY that is? And when confronted with the possibility that your life was not given to you solely on your skill, credit and merit? Y’all freak out. It doesn’t compute. It doesn’t make sense! The lie of white supremacy tells you: “If you just work hard enough you can have anything that you want.”

However, this is not the reality for everyone.

This is not a reality for people whose ancestors were property. Or murdered while building railroads. Or interred for other fears. This has not been the reality of everyone–your way was made smooth because it was paved by the oppression of other people.

These are facts. Not opinions.

The convenience of white supremacy will tell you that Americanism, American culture, and American History are things which are irrefutable, and core subjects–while everything else is an elective. The truth is always in an elective when you don’t want an opposing viewpoint challenged!

These are facts. Not opinions.

White privilege will always been fragile to those whom do not have the strength to confront that maybe–just maybe!–their lives have been glided stairs because they didn’t build them.

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