#BlackBlogsMatter Challenge-Week 7 (2021)

What Black People Be Thinking?

This is a dissertation! Earlier this week, I talked about how NOT to ask Black people about their social media presence or absence. Again, PSA: DON’T DO THIS.

As this week ends, let me tell you this. Black people are also thinking: Where is this America that people keep traveling to that is supposed to be so great?! Where is it?!

Now, I will say this. Being in this nation, even as a descendant of slaves, indigenous peoples I am more ‘free’ than any other woman in the world. For this, and for this cause, I am grateful. I am thankful that I live in a nation that I can be Black, woman, and writer, all at the same time. With that said, in light of all the mass trauma, murder, mayhem and socially acceptable chaos–I am still wondering where the American Dream is.

George Carlin, comedian and social critic, said that the American Dream is just that, because, he said, “You have to be asleep to believe it.” So, to ask what Black people be thinking? Whew, chile! All we want are the same opportunities and access to be amazing (and alive) as anyone else! Why is this hard? Why does this feel impossible?!

Why does being Black have to be the thing people buy, people hate, people kill, or people mimic? Why are Black men great in alphabet soup (NCAA, NBA, NFL, MLB, D1, D2, etc) because cannot be seen as competent enough to run companies, countries or departments? Why are Black women–from our essence to esthetic!–marketed, copied, and set up to be sat out for the consumption of thirsty women whom cannot compare!


You can tan, but I can get fired for braids.

You can pick all the big, tall, fast, Black men for your Fantasy Football League–but you call the police on them when “I don’t think he belongs here, and looks suspicious.”

Make it make sense. Just make it make sense. From where we sit, the nation (and the world at large!) love Black culture…just not from Black people.

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