#BlackBlogsMatter Challenge-Week 7 (2021)

Ah, here we!

Let me tell you what is one thing that Black people are thinking.

If you are working with a group of Black people, don’t ask to follow them on social media. Like do not ask this! Do not ask me this, don’t as your Black co-workers this, do not ask random Black people you are already have seen on social media as ‘mutuals’ this! Just don’t!

There is a girl at my day job that was asked why she didn’t ‘join’ the work group chat on Facebook! Why should she! Look, let me help you. Black folk don’t have a lot of safe spaces–even the spaces we create for ourselves get invaded people folk can’t help but be in our business! No, the Black folk at your job are not obligated to be you Facebook friend, and you should not make it your mission to be theirs UNLESS they invite you to be! As much as I love these 26 letters of the English language, I am well aware that not everyone at my day job (as problematic it can be), can handle me outside of any professional parameters. What does that mean?

The Me at work, is NAWT the ME which in on social media! Why? It is my space, on my time, and I don’t owe those people anything after I have clocked out for the day! I make it my mission to BLOCK my management on social media for this reason! Not that I have an issue with them, but I don’t want them in my business! Not everyone in the ‘work group’ is there for team building exercises! Some people spy, snitch, and genuinely have nothing else to do other than see what you are doing–to run back and go tell!

No, I’m not being paranoid. I’m being practical! The world is a hotbed of irritation, QAnon Conspiracies, Orange Thanos worshippers in high places, and people that look for any reason to see Black people just Black peopleing seeing our existence as an affront to their success.

I don’t need that. I won’t want that. Don’t invite me to the ‘Facebook Page for work.’ I already blocked everybody on there. I ain’t coming. I come here to make money, not memories.

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