Prince Harry’s grandfather is dead, Earl Simmons is passed, and Derek Chauvin has more faith in White Republican Jesus than my children do in Santa Claus! Whew, what a week!

Let’s get it!

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So, Queen Elizabeth II’s cousin and husband, Prince Phillip has passed away at the age of 99. And we all know that Harry is probably going to go to the funeral–just out of respect. We all know that Megan is still pregnant, it’s still a pandemic, so let’s not even start the bullshit of why ‘she needs to go’.

She doesn’t.

She needs to stay home.

Now, with that being said, I really have no feelings about this man passing away. I truly don’t! Also man, we all knew this was going to happen it was an eventuality! I really have no feelings about this man passing away. I truly don’t! Also, peep this! Man, we all knew this was going to happen–it was an eventuality!

However, in light of everything that Harry and Megan have faced in the last few months as a relates to their marriage, the birth of any potential children, I can only give the Royal Family the measure of concern and/or grief that I can only call a noble sorrow. Now what does that mean? That means I can sympathize because someone has lost someone dear to them, but that’s it. I’m sending thoughts and prayers and no more.

#FalconAndWinterSoldier #MCU #BuckyIsSquad #WhereIsTheRealCap #DietCap #SgtCap #TheDora #DoraMilaje #HereForIt #INeedGeneralOkoye #ForOurKing #ForTChalla #ThisIsWhyWeLoveMarvel

Man! I am here for Falcon and the Winter Soldier! I am here for the entire Internet skulldragging Diet Cap! I am here for how the Marvel Cinematic Universe has brought to light the conversation that needs to happen as a relates to racism in America: how insidious it is, how it makes us as BIPOC people (especially Black people!) second-guess ourselves, be subject to imposter syndrome, but the same time makes us resolute in fighting for what we know is right, just, and equitable! And everybody needs a squad member like Bucky! And the fact that now we see this member of the Dora Milaje?! Oh, I’m here for all of this! I cannot wait to see what happens next! The energy that she carried through this particular episode? Oh, I’m carrying that with me until I leave the planet.


#DMX #EarlSimmons #GOAT #FiggasAsBigAsJiggas #HereForIt #HeNeededMoreTime #MoreThanAnAddict #Don’tShrinkHisLegacy #Poet #Artist #HipHop

The discography speaks for itself! The fact that this week we have lost a rap legend, icon, GOAT in Earl ‘DMX’ Simmons. I don’t think that the world really is ready for what we lost, or can truly acknowledge what we lost! The culture has lost somebody that looks like, sounds like us, no matter where he was at! And the fact that they are still some outlets reporting that he was ‘the gravely-voiced rapper’, ‘recovering addict’, ‘father of 15 kids…’

That diminishes who he was! Granted were those things part of his identity? Yes, but his legacy is not totally comprised of those things! And I’m still if I’m honest, reeling from the fact that he is gone! Sometimes when people are in the public eye, we as the public grant them with immortality that we don’t have a power to maintain. X was as mortal as you and me! But the same time for all my feminist moxie, for all my education, if Money Cash Hoes , What’s My Name, or Slippin come on the radio? It’s over! I know every single lyric–still.

Rest in peace X. Immortality is now yours.

We are all trying to get through this together, Torches! See y’all next week! Till then, take this energy with you:

May be an image of 4 people and text that says '"the dora milaje have jurisdiction wherever the dora milaje find themselves to be"'

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