Talk About It Tuesday-04/05/2021

I know that everyone is watching the Derek Chauvin Trial. Social Media Torch and Trouble-maker, Meisha Davis, is giving us all light, heat, and smoke on Instagram!

I will tell you that I am not watching this trial. I can’t. Not right now. My mental health (read: temper) as it relates to police murder/brutality is not there to watch that monster sit in a court of law and be defended as to why he murdered someone–on camera!

I am not there, Torches! I am not there.

What I truly want, the outcome I want, is for this monster to go to prison so long he forgets what grass feels like! I want the verdict to take 8 minutes and 24 seconds to be decided!

I want his mother, father, and that whole racist tree to crumble when they take him and put him in cuffs to spend no less than the rest of his life in prison! I want such a pain to go through his family that it be felt for generations to come.

I want justice to be served…and the villain finally get what he deserves.


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