What A Difference A Year Makes…

A year ago, I was in quarantine with my daughters, then husband and computer. School had been cancelled and world was spinning off of its axis…for all of us! As a mother, as a writer, as a daughter and employee it took everything in me to not be petrified as people seemed to just DIE around me.

This time last year, I was looking for a new job, and had graduated from college about 3 months before. I was doing my best to make the world normal for my girls–that was thing that was important to me. But, let me tell you, Torches. In those early days? I was scared. My staff was scared. Everyone was panicked! The more eerie part is I was working in healthcare before COVID-19. I was making my plan to leave that day job and pursue writing and literature with both hands! I had plans for grad school, and to TA for the same professor that told me to pursue grad school, Dr. K. Welch! I had all that planned…and then COVID-19.

And then…COVID-19.

It would figure that the biggest hater in the world would be one you cannot see, and will kill you.

I remember the hysteria! I remember the arguments on television! I remember the apathy of the government! There was so much that was going on, and all I could do to cope…was write. Was create. Was to accept what is happening in order to manage what was going on.

And now look. We are one year into this and people are grasping at anything that looks like normal. The most glaring thing that is still present is the nature of masks. The best way to explain why this is can only be seen is people don’t like to be told ‘No’, and have no idea what it is like to do what you have to do in order to keep everyone safe.

Masks and their wearing is still a point of contention with the death toll being 500,000…and counting. COUNTING! There is no reason for that…at all! I remember how angry I was at Orange Thanos and his sycophants! How he burned down the country in the midst of the pandemic to keep his ego stoked! Even now, these same people are willing to throw themselves on this pyre that is his incessant devotion in order to keep in his good graces!

It is the most toxic thing I have ever witnessed.

I am not saying that we are going to be out of the wood of this pandemic soon. I am going to say that there are those of us who are alive and remain that remember just how bad this was–that this is!–and those feeling are not going away any time soon.

We remember how the nation reacted about gas, toilet paper, groceries, bleach, ‘essential/non-essential workers’ and the complete lack of compassion and ignorance.

And this is only year one. We are really in the Hunger Games, aren’t we? You better know your district.

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