To the matter of Lil Nas X. First, this:

Let it also be said that I am looking 40 in the face. I am also a mother, believer in this great gospel, and know who Uncle Luke, Geto Boyz, and Too $hort are.

I also know a troll when I see one.

This song Call Me By Your Name is an ENTIRE “FUCK ALL YALL” to those that believe in God, Christ, and any sort of eternity (Heaven or Hell). Now, being the woman of a certain age I am, I police what my children listen to, read, and watch. With they said, I didn’t listen to Little Nas X before, and don’t feel particularly pressed to listen to him now!

He is trying to make money, sell records, and be himself. Rather than hate the player, recognize game for what it is! This is all money, free press, marketing and rage farming.

I don’t have time.

And those sneakers that supposedly have ‘one drop of human blood in them’?

Issa no for me dawg.

Chile, look here.

Lil Nas X can make the art he wants, and feel however he feels. Christ died for him, too. Once the church can stop hating people, and loving them AS WE ARE INSTRUCTED, we will become far less outraged when things like this occur.

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