It has been for it now reportedDerek Chavin actually got beat up in jail while awaiting trial.

I do not feel bad that he was assaulted in prison! He had his knee on the neck of George Floyd for nine minutes. He kept his knee on his neck while George Floyd called for his mother. I have reached the point of apathy when it relates to police officers who murder people on camera only to demand or expect compassion from the viewing public who watched such murders in action!

The compassion that he desires to be gleaned and extracted from the American public is lost on me. It is not useful for me. Police officers are not above the law! They are only supposed to enforce it. I am mystified as to why it is police officers cannot follow the law they are supposed to be preserving and protecting!

As I am watching the jury selection for this trial, I am in a conscious state of this mixture that can only be described as anxiety, disbelief, and paranoia.

I want him to go to prison forever.

There is no reason by which police officers cannot be held to the same standard that the citizenry they are charged protect must adhere to! There is no reason other than the preservation of white supremacy, oppression, and the devaluing of black lives that would encourage law-enforcement and the judicial system in Minnesota to let him go free.

This was caught on camera!

I am old enough to remember the beating of Rodney King was on camera as well! And even then as this 8,9 year-old girl I was confused as to why it is police officer could get away with such abuses of power – even with it being recorded on video!

Will Smith said it best: racism isn’t new— the cameras are. And as any good soldier will tell you, you have to use the weapons that are at your immediate disposal to vanquish an enemy. And right now? The enemy are crooked cops being covered, protected and insulated by equally unjust system. Whenever we as Black people decide that our lives mean more than White people‘s comfort? Then we are seen as the enemy of the state. For that cause, the state then besieges us with their minions clothed in badges and blue uniforms!

I am watching this trial , prepared to watch this trial, as my foremothers would: hoping for the best, praying against the worst, and wishing that justice was indeed right now. But as the legendary Coretta Scott King said, “Freedom is won in every generation.” And now, it is just our turn to keep fighting.

Justice for George Floyd.

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