President Biden is throwing shade, Derrick Jackson can’t be trusted, Governor Cuomo is barely holding on, FOX NEWS is getting sued again, and the nation is experiencing a rash of mass shootings…again! This nation is trash!

Let’s get it!

#BeverlyCleary #RamonaAndBeezus #KidLit #Memories #Books #RamonaQuimby #Writing

The author Beverly Cleary has passed away at 104. Think about that! The creator of the iconic Ramona series is gone! It is a reminder that…we are all aging.

Now, to pass on the wonder that Ramona to my daughter.

#MassShootings #WhiteMenAndBadDays #GunControl #NoOneNeedsAK47s #Amerikkka

Atlanta. Bolder. And Lord knows where next! In a global pandemic people can’t find anything better to do? It is getting so tiring hearing the phrase “mass shooting“! Between the rapid violence and the stupidity behind not wearing masks, it is hard to comprehend how this nation isn’t worse off than it is?! And to say that the shooter in Atlanta was “having a bad day”?


At what point does this bullshit stop?! You can register for a gun a buy one in the same day—but the GOP is fighting against same-day voting? You tell me what the issue REALLY is…

#DerrickJaxn #TheXIsForWhat #SOSForThis #ImSorryMrsJaxn #IAmForReal #TheGhetto

I stopped listening to Derrick Jaxn once I found out he had a Baby Mama. And to know that he had a baby, a Baby Mama and no woman? I stopped listening to him. I knew then he didn’t practice what he preached! Tell to see him and his wife on this Facebook live with her looking looking like she had just woken up? I can’t take anything he says or will ever say seriously ever again.

The Facebook Live looked rehearsed, Derrick looked like he was trying to hard, and Sis was on Beyoncé’s innanet looking like she just gave up with like he was trying to hard, and Sis got a cat that whole outfit she had on!


There is no way you will air me out twice—TWICE!—over something that we are supposed to be over or have handled! No! Not at all! This is what PR people/agencies are for! I am going to watch how this plays out. I just want to see if this blows up or will build up. But after this debacle? And her IG post about watching the women he freaked on his phone?! No…just no.

Do better, Mrs. Jaxn. Do better, Mr. Jaxn. Whew Lord! Imma take everyone’s phone. Do better!

See y’all next week!

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