The internet is now on fire because of the relationship guru, Derek Jackson. I waited to comment on this until I heard everything.

I watched the FB Live. I watched the FB reaction. I saw the memes. And here are my thoughts.

Black love is a superpower. Struggle love is still trash. This situation is common and being a Pick-Me is trash!

Derek and his wife are grown. They are dealing with grown people things! What I need you to understand is that life is complicated! I, as a woman that has been divorced and in trash relationships, understand that I can’t judge this woman—but I can look at her funny!

I know that Mr. and Mrs. Jackson have said this “new marriage” is better than the “old one.” Mrs. Jackson said she left and came back! She said that these incidents happened over a year ago. And then this appeared on Instagram-

Sis. I’m not going to call You stupid. I am going to say that you need to keep working on you! I will commend your husband for trying to do this right and right by your family! I will also say, don’t air this out NO MO. Don’t. Just don’t. Not for depth but for peace!

I can’t imagine what pain she was in, or what she was told to make her come back! I am looking at Derek crazy and her with a super-side eye because this ain’t my business but I’m more invested than I should be. Why? I’ve been her. And left. And came back. Believing the lies and seeing nothing changed. Only to leave again!

If they can do it? Awesome! Move forward and help other couples—that’s always lit. But it you can’t? Leave and peace. And mothereff #TeamJaxn as you go!

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