#BlackBlogsMatter Challenge-Week 4 (2021)

Oh, OpperCOONities!

Now, what exactly IS an opporcoonity you ask? Why, these are the opportunities presented to Black people that look awesome–but require you to give up a portion (or all!) of your Blackness to accept. Oh, I know on the surface they look very innocuous. They look unassuming, but when you look closer–they require more of you than you are willing to part with.

The most devastating thing is these opportunities are wrapped in something that you want. Something you may have worked for, prayed about and want to explore! You know an opporcoonity by what it is dressed up as! If you are a writer (such as myself), these opportunities come as space to occupy by your work, but you ‘can’t talk about things that are decisive. These opportunities always present themselves in coded language. The world now understand just how evil racism is, but loves being able to sort and shift through language to meet those same ends!

Opporcoonities are insidious! The perpetrators of them hate to be questioned, and call you racist for even insinuating that what they are offering is not genuine! Be watchful of these. Be careful of these. And don’t be afraid to confront these–and walk away from them when they come! You are more valuable than you think. Your blackness is priceless–let no one think it is for sale.

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