People are waiting on the stimulus checks, President Biden fill up the stairs, and white people are still terrorizing minority people and the law-enforcement are calling it called “just having a bad day”. Just when you think the the goals of Orange Thanoscannot be exercised any faster, here we go with this madness!

Let’s get it!

#HereWeGoAgain #Politics #ProtectWomen #StopRapeCulture #ViolenceAgainstWomenAct #Senate #HouseOfReps

So the Violence Against Women Act just passed. And for whatever reason this piece of legislature and the vote went along party lines! But I’m not surprised! In the same place in the universe under God’s creation that still sees women’s bodies as possessions, things to sell and things to provide other products—whereas businesses are considered people!

The thing that is so disconcerting is that most of these people (read: Republicans) who voted against this act have mothers (somewhere!), wives, daughters, and sisters! I don’t understand why protecting women from rape culture, and confronting their own toxic patriarchy is a problem! But then again when you’re used to making money off people…there is no bottom.

#Stimulus #MoneyBagJoe #46CountEmUp #Life #StimmyPlease #MoneyBags #DirectDeposit #NeedToBeStimulated

The best thing I’ve heard President Joe Biden be called all this week has to be “MoneyBag Joe!”

Now with that being said, you have to understand just how desperate people are who need the stimulus checks (I at a time this posting haven’t gotten mine. I only got the first one, never got the second one, but I conclude the third one is on his way somewhere). I promise some people just need mail on Sunday to keep up.

But, don’t shame people for what they are going to use their stimulus money for! Common sense would say if you’re behind on stuff, go ahead and catch what you need up. Now, at the same time if you just in the hole (and you know what I mean!)? Do as best you can! We all have issues and responsibilities that have overtaken us during the pandemic! Some of those things $1400 is not enough to help with if we could just be deadass honest! Most industrialized nations have had their citizenry on a monthly stipend since the since the pandemic began! And I say it again, and I will never be tired of saying… Had Hillary Clinton been president, this would’ve been this pandemic would’ve been handled a whole lot better. Fight me!

#DCU #JusticeLeague #Comics #HenryCavill #HaaaaySuperman #Movies #IssaInvestment #FourHours

And I couldn’t leave this week without my take on Zack Schneider‘s Justice League! This inneration of the Justice League is about four hours! So, if you have four hours to kill, and you are truly a DC fan? Go ahead! Go forth and do amazing!

Me, personally? I’m only watching for Henry Cavill. Point blank. Deadass. I would watch him drink icewater!

But from the reviews I’ve heard from people that I know, reviews are mixed. So I’m not going to sway either way about the movie. Plus, I’m a MARVEL girl! I’m still recovering from of Spider-Man Far From Home, Mysterio, and realizing that I might have to fuck up Jake Gyllenhaal I see him next! But it’s great that everyone is excited about this new movie! And with the buzz I hear? This movie might be a turn in the right direction for the DCU…so, congrats for that.

Admin note: We of the staff of The Ideal Firestarter send our condolences for the families of the victims who were who were killed in a hate crime in Atlanta this week. We are flabbergasted by the audacity of the Chief of the Atlanta Police Department who called the white domestic incel terrorist who committed this act: Saying this monster was just “having a bad day“.

I’ve had many a bad day, and I have never once got a firearm and killed random people! Can we please start calling these domestic terrorists what they are? The time has come to confront white supremacy and kick it off the idol that worships at the altar of toxic white supremacy and patriarchy! I mean Jesus is Black—no wonder these racist Chads y’all are acting a fool. The one sent to save everything didn’t look like them!


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