#BlackBlogsMatter Challenge-Week 3(2021)

Being ‘woke’ is one of those things that is on going.

There is always something to learn, something to be mad about, and something to be informed or reinformed of! There has to be a humility in that level of learning as well as to not be so arrogant! I believe this is one of the thing that is wrong with this class of conservatives: their world, and their God, is way too small. With such a small view of the world, how can anything else fit into it? Why would anything else want to fit into it?

Being ‘woke’ is really having the wherewithal to expand your mind, challenge your thinking, and accept that Your world view is not the only one. You give up a form of social narcissisms that most people don’t want to! Think about it! It costs nothing to remain a bigot. It demands nothing of a person to remain the same, believe the same, and pass those same beliefs on to another person whom has no chance to ever challenge those things. Coretta Scott King said that freedom has to be won in every generation. Since it must be fought for, indeed in every generation, remaining oblivious to the plight of others is not possible.

Moreover, it is not rational! Or safe for anyone!

Being ‘woke’ is not a trendy, clearly staying asleep is. You always sleep better in a bed you didn’t make. But there is power in realizing just what is in the bed that lulls you back to sleep, despite better efforts to stay awake. Consider being ‘woke’ the alarm clock to remind you that time, no matter how slowly it moves, will always move forward with or without you.

Childish Gambino said it best: Stay woke.

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