#BlackBlogsMatter Challenge-Week 3(2021)

Terms to notice:

Alphabet mafia- another name for LGBTQIA+ community

cis-het (combination of cisgender and heterosexual

SJW-Social Justice Warrior



Woke is a catchphrase now. When I did this phrase like 3 years ago, there was a rush for everyone to be ‘woke’. It was a trend, and like all trends, they cycle. What I believe is essential about ‘being woke’ is realizing just what privilege is, and what its not.

A privilege is not a prejudice.

A prejudice is not a privilege.

Seeing how the world is, why would someone not want to make the way straight for someone else? In ‘being woke’, what I have seen most often is that people fight people have to be ‘right’. In that being woke, that ‘privilege’ of being ‘right’ only goes so far! It only grants you so much leeway! Being woke is is only half of what is required to a be SJW (Social Justice Warrior).

Acknowledging your privilege is hard! It takes time, reflection, and realizing the world is bigger than you and how you see it. As for me? I am a Black, cis-het, woman. I understand that the privilege that I have are around my natal born sex, and having no conflict with my gender identity or expression. Yet, I realize that there are people are part of the Alphabet Mafia who don’t have the same privilege or ease I do–simply because of who they love. This is not fair, nor is it right! Hence, why the privilege I have is needed to make the way a little easier for someone else. This is why ‘being woke’ is essential for other changes to occur! The changes which need to occur don’t always affect you–and are sometimes for the benefit of other people.

What needs to be discussed further is that ‘being woke’ does not mean that you are a bully! You are just aware that it is easier for you to move through the world than another person. In moving through the world a little easier, you should be make it a mission to have other people move through the world a little easier! It is not enough to just be ‘woke’ you must be active!

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