The world seems to be spinning off its axis, and Black women cannot be the only people holding it together! Somebody call Carol Danvers! If you can’t get her, go ahead and assemble the Avengers!

Let’s get it!

#BritishRoyals #RacistRoyals #BlackMirrorEpisodes #TheBritishPress #MeghanMarkle #PrinceHarry #MeghanMarkle

Well it finally happened. We now have explicit evidence that the royal family of the United Kingdom, the birthplace of colonialism, white supremacy, and the concept of race Dash has been confronted by the powerhouse couple that is Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

And in the interview conducted by Oprah Winfrey this week, we see exactly the toll that being in the public guy is such a racist, demanding, evil light that is the British media has done to Meghan! We see exactly the depth of vitriol the British media has! It’s the same media that helped to destroy princess Diana 20 something years ago. And it is of no surprise that the royal family now is trying to assuage exactly what Megan alleges and they do think she will she alleges it! We all know the queen in her advanced age does not want any besmirchment on the throne but this here? Oh no the chickens foxes, And Walls have now I’ll come home to roost in our feasting on the flash of all these lies! How they did her and Prince Harry is wrong. And they deserve every ounce of karma that they get.

Who believes this?!

#PiersMorgan #FuckboiPresident #BBC #GoodMorningBritain #GoodByePiers #Ghosting #Haunting #GoodForHisAss

I always knew Piers Morgan was way too angry and Megan Markle! I knew there had to be a reason why he was just so mean to her, and just why he thought every time her name was mentioned he would have something sour to say about her! Now, this week with everything that’s being exposed with a Prince Harry an Meghan Markle as a release of the royal family, we find out through the shade of good morning Britain just how he truly felt about Megan! Pierce is a fuck boy! He is truly upset still that Megan decided not to deal with him in favor of hairy. And for that reason, he has been a bitter whiny, dumpling shaped man for years…years! To the point that when the anchor on Good Morning Britain this week confronted him with the receipts about how he treated Megan Markel and all the mean things that he said, he walked off the show! And quit! So for the top on CBS, Jeff Sharon Osbourne slick defending him in front of Sheryl Underwood?! Auntie Sheryl I should slapped the shit out of her. Black women are done being silent about disrespect in microaggressions.

#COVID #Stimulus #COVID19 #StillAPandemic #Money #YearIn #COVIDAtOneYear #Year2 #Vaccines #Science #Health #GovermentNeedsToHelpPeople

The Democrats need to run the Senate and the house a game of spades and just run the whole fucking table!

So! This next Covid relief bill has been approved, with this next third round of stimulus checks being released as early as this weekend. Don’t think that I’m going to discourage you from spending your money, torches. I’m not gonna do that. What I’m gonna do is remind you to take care of yourself and the people you’re responsible for. I need you to also pay attention! Not one Republican voted for the American people to have the resources that they need in order to live through a global pandemic! Don’t let the fact overrule you, when you have to vote in the midterms coming soon.The GOP is a whole fascist, terrorist organization hell-bent on the distraction of American democracy. The same people who tell God, family, and country are trying to destroy and buy all three.

There’s lots more catch-up coming this week, bonus pieces, and some announcements. But I have to recoup dear ones, I’m waiting on my stimulus money to hit too!

See y’all next week!

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