Whether they are Princesses or have Princess as a first name! In watching the interview between Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan Markle. As a mother of biracial children—daughters!—I was filled with sorrow and rage.

The one thing that I want to call attention to is her pain…and her poise. This is what Black are called to do! We have to be able to maneuver in the world even when our hearts are breaking! From a cluster of Black people in this nation and the UK commenting on her Blackness, journalist Piers Morgan’s incessant dogging of her, compounded by the unblinking eye of the British tabloids!

Yet, her speaking out is the problem.

Her voicing how ill she was treated is the problem!

The color of her children was a problem!

The message is loud and clear: the world loves the strength of Black women. Wants to bottle or mimic it! But what the world cannot be bothered with is our humanity. Then, it would have to recognize our suffering, trauma and just how deep both go.

We see you, Meghan. Your pain is valid. Your pain is our own—because it is. We see you, have been you and know what it’s like to have to fight when no one hear you!

You deserved better…and we all deserve better.

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