White supremacy is real, and so are microaggressions. There is a certain class of Karen and Chad, that believe it is their job to supervise all that non-White people do! They are right at the ‘precipice of telling on you’ when you do something that they ‘don’t like.’ Too often we as Black people often confirm, turn and twist to become what the greater White culture wants us to become!

These things often appear as coded language and the assertion of social dominance. What is social dominance? Minimizing Black people in any space by any means necessary–by police, HR, or microaggressions. For survival, Black folk have been taught to study the people which have the power to kill, maim or abscond with them! While we have not been afforded the freedom to be ignorant of the enemies devices, we do have the power to determine how deeply we allow those thoughts to affect what we do, how we move, and what it means to consider what it means to be Black in America.

As a Black woman, I have learned two things. I can consider what non-Black people think, but it cannot define me! It cannot be the foundation to all that I do! I cannot be the reason for anything that I do! I refuse to become a Candace Owens because it may seem easier. I cannot care what White people think because they always have something to say; especially if they are not an ally or accomplice!

As the Father Oracle James Baldwin said, “Your crown has already been paid for. All you have to do is put it on.” So, I adjust my crown and move around.


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