This is space does not afford me all the space to say what I want about Megan Markle and Prince Harry. I will say this though. Did you see how PRESSED Piers Morgan was when an the Black anchor on GOOD MORNING BRITAIN read him about how he treated/talked about Megan Markle?

Did you see him STOMP off? Did you see that, Torches?!

I always knew something was going on with how he talked about her! I knew it! There is a certain type of man that once he is rejected he will either pretend you don’t exist, embarrass you, or try and slick slut shame you. Piers has always tried to slick slut shame her–implying that she wasn’t what she appeared to be! Boy-sir, it was drinks and conversation! You THOUGHT it was going to be thighs and panties.

Mmph. You thought!

And you have been mad ever since. Pressed ever since! I just cannot! Megan leveled up, ghosted you–you almost fell in love and been mad because she will never ever check for you. The male ego is a trip. And he tripped over that bish on the way off the show! And he quit?!

You cannot make this up.

I hope that Megan remembers the words of the gospel of Beyoncé in the book of Formation:

You know you that bitch when you cause all this conversation. Always stay gracious best revenge is your paper.


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