It’s Women’s History Month!

I was prepared to be all super deep and give y’all some Nikki Giovanni for the road and Toni Morrison for the win, but with all that is being reported and released from this interview with Prince Harry and Megan Markle? I think it is only fitting that I remind everyone of that Black women make history on a daily.


This month, as we celebrate women collectively for their accomplishments and praise their honors, I am going to hold ONE MORE SPACE for Black women.

Whether they be biracial, trans, cis-het, stealth, from the land of our fathers and mothers, to the women that are in the BK, or Long Beach! Black women make history daily! From being the first to graduate college in their families, to the Vice President of these United States!

We make history on a daily!

Sometimes not everyone is around to see the world change, and sometimes the history made is not for the world to see. Not everyone sees or needs to see the work that goes into what makes women strong. Or what forces them to come out of silence, or what causes the curses to be broken.

All these things are important, valuable and make all Black women valiant!

Today, we celebrate us. Our strides. Out wins. Lift up bowed heads! We remember we have always been Queens, scholars, pioneers, trailblazers, mothers, innovators, change agents and curse breakers!

And we will continue to! The daughters we care who are yet to be born demand it!

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