So, I have been on social media for about a decade. And in that time spent on social media, I have had some most entertaining conversations. None so vehement as what I have seen on TikTok (@whatjayesaid)! These BeckySue JaneDoes truly believe they are the supervisors of the internet! They believe that what they have to say, is more powerful, poignant and necessary than anything from women whom are not White.

It is amazing to behold! It is strange to see, and makes me remember the book by Langston Hughes, Jesse B. Semple, The Ways Of White Folks. These Karens and Chads are in the habit of inserting themselves in BPB (Black People Business) when they think that nothing else can be done to gain attention! Just this week there was a dame who decided to put being in my comments telling me “Youre so ridiculous.

Chile. Please.

But you are over here in my comments, in my space, in my own BPB, to leave a comment on my video! Sounds like l live in your head rent free, BeckySue JaneDoe! With all that said, when it comes to the matter of the thoughts of White people? They are like rain…they come, and come when most inconvenient! There is no need for me to give them more power or thought than I do! I make it a point to reinforce my own Black Girl Magic, and remind myself of my own specialness…a vaccination of sorts. A necessary inoculation!

I am becoming that much more settled in my Black woman space. I am becoming confident in the years I have lived, and what it means to honor that! I refuse to remain beholden to what White people whom are not allies or accomplices in my inner circle say! I cannot give energy to do people who chose to obsess over what (and who) cannot be controlled.

No, I cannot be troubled with this. I refuse to! I do not cower to people who have to tan to get color, or talk CashMoney Shit behind a blank profile. Maybe that makes me ‘an uppity negress’…that’s fine. They’ll live…and be blocked at from my regal presence. They can live in exile.

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