T.I. and Tiny are trying to pay off playmates, the Senate is playing with the church’s money, WandaVision ended this week, Stabler is back on LAW & ORDER: SVU, COMING TO AMERICA 2 is streaming, Sister Souljah’s 15+ year sequel to THE COLDEST WINTER EVER is rated 2/5 stars on Amazon! Whew, chile!

Let’s get it!

#TI #Sexcapades #ThisIsNotCute #TurnDownForWhat #WhatMoneyDidBuy #WhatTheyPaidFor #ThisAboutToBeUgly #WhyDoe #WhoIdeaWasThis

Clifford Harris STAYS in confusion! Stays in it! Pays rent at the intersection of Confusion and Trouble! Man, look! When I heard T.I. and Tiny liked threesomes, my eyebrows were raised (especially because he has had at least 1 outside baby on Tiny!). When I heard there were drugs involved, I shook my head. When I heard that these women were accusing the couple of shiesty sexual antics, I could only stare. Now, that is being reported that their lawyer is paying off people–but these women aren’t taking the money?! Chile, through the internet away! Throw the whole internet away!

Just throw it away!

There is too much here to unpack, and cannot devote that level of deductive power to this! All I am going to say is–be careful who you play with, because not everyone plays fair.

#SistahSouljah #BlackWriters #WinterSantiaga #Icons #BlackFamous #Fear #Shade #Craziness #WhoWroteIt #Ghostwriters #OhMy #ForTheTorches #GottaSeeWhatHappens

I won’t lie to you. I want to still read this book! I need to know what happens to Winter after she got locked up! I mean, when we last left her, she was talking to her sister after a funeral, and still had 7 more years left on her 15-year sentence! All I have hear in the last 3 days this book has been out–after 15 years since the first one!–is SHADE! Like forests of it! Everything from the book is just TRASH, Sistah Soulja has a ghostwriter, and the writing is just completely different from the first book! As a writer, I can tell you my writing has changed from 15 years ago (when I was 24-25), until right now! I mean, I really want to see what happened! Sistah Souljah is a brilliant writer, activist and dope human being! As a fan, I am willing to give this book a chance even among all the shade.

Winter is still for the culture!

#Texas #Masks #COVID #Health #GovAbbott #VoteBlue #VoteBeto #CruzOnACruise #ThisIsGarbage #ThisIsTrash #WhoThoughtThisWasAGoodThing #NoMaam #PutYourMasksOn #MaskUp

Texas is trying to be the world’s largest graveyard. Gov. Abbott, whom is in a wheelchair, whom one would think knows the value of health and its maintenance, would be THEE LAST person to suggest the mask mandate be lifted! Chile, Republicans are supervillians! Like actual supervillians! These people are deplorable, and for the god of capitalism, they will sacrifice anyone on its altar–especially the sick or the poor! This week Beto O’Rouke announced he was going to run for governor, I look forward to this fight! I truly do! The same way that Georgia flipped–it is going to take that much and then some in order to have that done!

Call Stacey Abrams!

My favorite show POSE comes back May 2! I’m already crying! See y’all next week!


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